For me it is important that the outside world is not simply viewed and represented by the artist but rather that is it viewed, assimilated, and interpreted by the artist. When objects and images from our everyday lives mingle with nuances of memory, the familiar becomes saturated with multiple layers of meaning and larger-than-life metaphorical significance. My work is a direct response to my life experiences, and although it does not directly reproduce any specific events, the imagery is made up of objects and icons that reflect and create narrative vignettes abstracted from my past experiences. I use my personal experiences as a vehicle to develop visual concepts and allow me to solve image-issues through the exploitation of personal narrative agendas.
My work is the physical embodiment of an emotional experience and is an investigation of the self told in the media of printmaking. My work, as a whole, is a means for me to digest emotion and transform it into something tangible. I work through the printmaking process to develop a body of work that makes sense of emotional, cultural, and physical experiences.